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Helen Storey
...sent out a Christmas card,  
with 12 folded origami pieces,  
an LED and a battery

For this year's Christmas card we wanted to give our friends a challenge; to create an origami decoration made of 12 pre-folded origami pieces, an LED light and a battery. Stamped onto the card was a link to our instructional vimeo movie showing them how to make it. The origami pieces were made from tracing paper so when the LED was inserted inside, the decoration glowed through a cycle of RGB colours.

We then asked the recipients to take a photo of thier completed decorations in situ and mail it back to us. For each photo we recieved we made a donation to this year's designated charity - The Naked Heart Foundation.

Below are a selection of the photos we recieved. Thanks to all those who participated.

12 Folds
Nanjo Eko

Simon Woods
Simon Woods


Justin ClarkJustin Clark
Nanjo Eko

Ali Jones
Ali Jones

Clair Neal
Clair Neal

Daniel Juric
Daniel Juric

Sam Laverick
Sam Laverick